⚜️This is something I believe we are always dealing with in our industry. The reality is that whilst many different types of things may go wrong and give us opportunities to create robust systems for administrative requirements and low-level problems, violent encounters and extreme or sudden emergencies really take place very rarely.

I think the psychological default of most normal people is simply to feel a false sense of preparation incompetence to deal with large-scale emergencies simply because they haven’t happened yet. This is a trap, don’t let your everyday flow lul you into a position where you are not ready for true chaos when it shows up… Find ways to test your systems Period run the scenarios in your mind with no shame. We are tasked with seeing the future and preparing for it so your imagination is truly one of your best weapons when it comes to doing this.

Train with your team, look for teams that can test you, ask your teammates how they would attack the detail and play the game because ultimately that is one of the ultimate ways to find out.

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