⚜️It’s the little things that help us avoid bad days out in the field. Giving the team the “wheels up“ call when principles are moving there are one place agents sometimes take shortcuts that can come back to haunt them. Make sure you know that your principles are actually lifted off of the ground before sending that message. Just having seen them get on the plane is not good enough for a number of different reasons I mentioned in the vid. Wheels up mean wheels up actually.

Another shortcut simply has to do with being at the private jet airport one hour before your clients are supposed to come in no matter what the information on the other side is telling you about their whereabouts. When you or the guy who needs to receive them sometimes it’s dicey depending on the flight time to depend on one piece of information to get you where you need to be to receive. My principle is simply to make sure I’m in position one hour before they are supposed to land no matter what. If they land early I’m there, if they land late, I’m there all set up and ready to go.

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