⚜️Another amazing training operation completed with AS3 | Driving last month and as I was there getting after it when I ran into Kevin Williamson.
Kevin and I first met as he joined the Training Day Success Package and it’s been an honor working with him ever since. I’m always humbled and pleasantly surprised when I’m out and about training and run into you patrons of the training day course. Much of what we talk about in the course is how to network, find opportunities and create opportunities within your executive protection career and so it’s exciting when I see our people out there doing just that.

Kevin is a stand-out agent in the course who is always contributing to himself and aiming to be better than he was yesterday. I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing what he’s going to do in the executive protection industry.

The cool thing simply is that now that he is part of the training day course we get to do our careers together because I meet with that class every other week and we get to share in each other’s success.

Sharing in the success of patrons of the course is honestly one of the most priceless things about being part of that group Don’t do your career alone, join us and let’s make this the best year of your executive protection career.

If you’re looking for a solid agent you can find some of Kevin‘s details below:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Kevsla7/
Email: Kevsla7@gmail.com

⭕️Come train with us and let’s make this the best year of your executive protection career ⭕️

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