Do you prefer fantasy or reality?

Why do you think the way you do?

Who designed your mindset?

Was your life really your idea?

We have a society that is so totally engulfed in the enjoyment of fantasy. Everywhere you look, everywhere you turn and everywhere you are there is some mode of media in your face trying to tell you what to think, how to think, how to feel and how to act. When you turn on the radio, pop stars are trying to tell you what’s cool. When you watch TV, commercials and sitcoms are trying to influence you about how to behave. Are you 100% sure that your beliefs, opinions and viewpoints are truly yours. The reality is simply that so many of us are just playing out what we absorb from our culture and the world around us. The problem with that is simply that our culture in many cases has been deliberately socially engineered by the media who is owned and operated by big businesses that don’t want you to know your true value. If you did know your true value than you would know that you don’t truly need them.
So many of us have resorted to creating a lifestyle that we hate and retreating into fantasy as often as possible. Were go to our 9-to-5 jobs to survive and then we go home and watch movies or TV programming that allows us to experience alternate realities for a few hours a day without giving us anything in return. This dynamic is one of the most disempowering phenomenon’s that has ever existed.
Your faculty of imagination and fantasy was given to you by the creator to help you create your life. It is something that gives you the ability to see what can be, who you want to be and the reality that you are capable of creating. In fact everything in life that exists, that you use, the clothes you wear, the car you drive an absolutely everything was created two times; The first time using the faculty of the mind and the imagination things are imagined and then a second time they are created in the physical realm. Your life is your masterpiece and reality creation is your job. You are creating reality right now based on your decisions. The only thing in this life that will be constant until you die is change so the question is… Is that change happening deliberately or simply by chance because you are not consciously making decisions to create what you want? Are you drifting or driving through life? In the video I go into more detail about this!
The truth is simply that, reality is so much stranger than fiction much you really start paying attention…

Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military