⚜️It’s natural to focus on the physical skills of protection but the reality of this game is that it will be the soft skills that truly make the difference in these types of altercations. Recognizing the right information at the right time and knowing what to do before things get physical can’t keep you out of situations you’re not able to physically pry yourself out of.

When it comes to hard skills everyone trains at the range but few people really get physical in order to understand what they can and cannot deal with their firearm with the enemy is applying real pressure. These are things we are going to study with an amazing group of elite subject matter experts this October 1 through the 3rd in southern Florida.

⚜️PS4 iNSTRUCTORS include:
⭕️Lt. Col. David Grossman

Fortunately, this one turned out OK but our goal is to educate you enough to stay out of situations like these.

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