⚜️ Today, joining me for this podcast is the remarkable “media machine” herself… Alana Stott @alanastott MBE founder and developer of Wolfraven Omnimedia. Her organization serves as a vehicle to help tell amazing and inspirational stories, while fiercely advocating for causes aimed at making the world a better place. 


We have a spirited and informative discussion regarding human trafficking, modern-day slavery, the media, fundraising, and much more! 






Alana has written the game-changing business and philanthropy book, “How to Ask for Money;” her powerful memoir, “She Who Dares;” and the “Mollies Adventures” series of empowering children’s books – all to be published in 2023. She is also in the process of producing multiple television series and film projects, including a feature-length documentary about the triumph of the human spirit, and a suspense thriller with a theme of female empowerment. 


Alana’s philanthropic and fundraising work has included tireless efforts on behalf of dozens of charitable organizations. She has devoted herself to numerous non-profits as an advisor and fundraiser, raising millions of dollars for causes such as mental health and the fight against human trafficking. 


Alana’s achievements have ranged from dishwasher to traveling salesperson, debt collector, bodyguard, security specialist, hotel manager, bank manager, former Mrs. Scotland, CEO of an intelligence-based security firm, non-profit consultant, writer, and TV series producer!!


Learn more:

💻 https://wolfraven.co/

💻 https://alanastott.com/ 

💻 https://linkedin.com/company/wolfraven/


Join us at 🤜http://protectornation.com


Podcast Show Notes

01:00:00 - Introduction
01:01:36 - Who is Alana Stott at her core
01:07:56 - Intelligence-based security firm
01:19:33 - The good and bad of fundraising
01:21:03 - How to ask for money
01:31:21 - Alana Stott on the media
01:39:13 - Human trafficking
01:55:18 - Hon. member of The Special Boat Services Assoc.
01:03:00 - Closing questions




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🎥Video editing by @art_production07

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