I’ve done more than a hundred tactical protection review videos, all of which you can watch for free on my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/ByronRodger…

In this video you see and got a fight in a very familiar environment that we all frequent on a regular basis. Even if you have an electric vehicle and you never go to gas stations you should still know how to fight around vehicles because they are an organic terrain feature we all must live around.

At this upcoming Protector Symposium we are going to have the honor of training with @instructorzero on this very topic. He has been training elite fighting forces around the world on these tactics and now we have an opportunity to learn and train with him as well. He is one of 6 instructors you will have the opportunity to learn from.

WHEN: September 16, 17 and 18
WHERE: Tuscon, Arizona

To register and purchase tickets, visit

Featured Experts at the Event:
⭕ Kawa Mawlayee @kawa_m_official
⭕ Raul @raul.martinez.jr
⭕ Ed Calderon @edsmanifesto_
⭕ Instructor Zero @instructorzero
⭕ Craig “SAWMAN” Sawyer @real_sawman

🎫 Go to https://www.protectorsymposium.com/

A huge shoutout to our Sponsors for this event:
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