George Floyd’s death was a tragedy to law-enforcement officers everywhere and a tragedy to Americans. I had to try and watch the video multiple times because the performance of the officers was so terrible it genuinely made me sick. For a man to submit to authority or be brought to submission and to perish for doing so is one of the most counterproductive outcomes/realities that can take place in the fight to unify the nation. Unfortunately, the reality is that we will never bring him back no matter what we do. Another unfortunate reality is simply that more will die on both sides as a result of increasing racial tensions through emotional/ignorant/opportunistic behavior.

Law-enforcement agencies must practice and maintain a high level of accountability in order to do their job well. What I think should also be mentioned is that the civilian population should also maintain a high level of accountability in order to be respectable. There is a difference between protesting and looting. As civilians, we must learn to police our own so we do not need these agencies to do it for us. If we cannot act honorably and maintain honor between each other then we are nothing more than hypocrites for pointing fingers are the other demographics that failed to do so. Beyond all of these things is the reality that every single demographic has bad apples. If you don’t think your culture or ethnicity or group has idiots then you are definitely not a realistic thinker.

It is not intelligent to judge an entire profession on the actions of a few. Just as it is not intelligent to judge an entire culture such as African-Americans, Mexicans, Asians, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists on the actions of a few. What we need now more than ever is unity and what I fear is that so many people have become zombies to television and the spoon-fed narrative that they cannot see how we are played against each other by what is put up on the big screen.

Reality is not pretty, humanities are not pretty but without unity, we will all remain powerless and it’s just a matter of time before we realize how detrimental it truly has been that they’ve been able to keep us divided.

George Floyd, rest in peace brother. People, on the heels of this last epidemic, fight to stay together and unite because we need each other more than ever now.

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