⚜️Life is only always ever giving you back what you deserve relative to your ability to achieve. Your ability to achieve is relative to your ability to learn. Your opportunity for learning is relative to your ability to persist in trying to learn a thing. Finally, your ability to persist is born out of the most powerful power that you can manufacture which is your willpower. Your willpower is regulated by your discipline which also regulates doing what’s right and most other high-quality virtues. What’s driving these behaviors is simply your paradigm and the quality of your life will ultimately be in direct proportion to the quality of your thoughts which turn into beliefs and manifest themselves as actions… Good luck and God bless. If you can do these things correctly, you will be a good steward of yourself and your potential which means that one-day proper planning will meet opportunity and you will be fortunate enough to experience “good luck.” If you can’t execute on these objectives, not even God will help you. WORK HARD, because to him who has more will be given and to him who does not have, even that will be taken from him. This is the only shot we know we’ve got!
PROTECTOR by nature and by trade
-Byron .
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