You are the only one who is going to be able to solve the equation of your own life. The tools you will need on your journey are buried deep inside you as potential. This game is about doing what it takes to unbury them, perfect them and temper them within the crucible of the hard work that is before you on your path to self-transcendence.

Not everyone will understand what it is you need to do, the decisions you make, or the things you need to work on but at the end of the day becoming the best version of yourself is no one‘s responsibility but your own. Learn from everyone and everything that takes place during your life.

Put yourself in situations that are hard because the difficulty is the only thing that will trigger your adaptation reflex and never settle at the losses used to staying for the victories you’re able to acquire. Your evolution depends on your ability to make everything good and bad serve you in an effort to become the person you were sent here to be by the grace of God.

Have the courage to go your own way and never look back unless it is to learn. This journey is hard but it is worth it because one day when you look in the mirror and you see how far you’ve come you’ll realize that your ability to serve on higher levels from your new place of strength is the reason you were sent here in the first place. On that day maybe they will see you for who you truly are as well as the person you’ve always known you were meant to be.

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