I’m running away from what I don’t want and running towards what I want to create. Building goals on our fantasies just isn’t strong enough to get us to pursue them long-term. Goals must be made of so much more. Starting with the reality that we can actually accomplish them. It’s very difficult to be motivated emotionally to go after something you don’t even think is really possible. Personally I think the cheat code for setting goals that you find motivating is simply to set goals you can achieve with right around 80% of your effort. It’s just enough effort to be working hard but it’s not so much that you’ll be drowned it in the pain and the greater reality is simply that as you achieve one goal you gain momentum onto the next one; and that’s how you become an unstoppable force.
Dream big sure but set attainable goals. You climb the mountain by putting one step in front of the last.
Next set goals that move you towards what it is you want but also that move you away from what it is you fear. Fear is simply the strongest motivating emotion in the human experience. It is also our best source of fuel to get into action. There is a fat, stupid and poor version of me chasing me. Those guys wake me up every morning and remind me to get after it. Run away from what you don’t want while running towards the things that are worth living and dying for. This is how you create a worthy life through a principal I called push pull motivation.

The last thing you need to know is that the sooner you start failing the sooner you can finish failing and begin winning. Until it’s time to begin failing again in order to evolve.

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