FMM-P focusses on the common variable in all tactical engagements: movement, material emphasizes athleticism, sprint mechanics, and work capacity by challenging a shooter’s traditional understanding of speed versus accuracy. Source:

In life-threatening situations I believe movement is life, therefore training one to move effectively and efficiently with regards to any combative skill is very important in my opinion. I think that it is very important first for an individual to develop an extremely solid foundation of marksmanship and weapons safety before attempting to improve this portion of their gun fighting skill set. However I know that the fusion of athleticism, tactical proficiency and solid marksmanship fundamentals can prove to be a very difficult combination to defeat in a gunfight.

In the Marine Corps we are taught to shoot, move, communicate, locate, close with and destroy the enemy, all of these things require efficient movement. It’s for these reasons I think I really enjoyed this course and found it valuable.

It was different than most things I’ve been taught in the industry and also in the military. In fact we aimed to reanalyze and work on getting good at things we were taught not to do in formal training. The reason was simply that in real life we might be forced to do things that we should aim not to do and therefore becoming good at those things also is not necessarily a bad thing. This was my second course with GA the first being “ Vehicle Tactics – Pistol” and you can read more about my experiences there at the following Vlog “Vehicle Dynamics”.

We moved around a lot but we built ourselves up to that level gradually and responsibly, starting off first with a few different assessments and qualifications. We worked on “CONSISTENCY TARGETs” Which I also found to be another type of useful exercise and you can find them for free by clicking HERE.

All and all the course was designed to help a shooter achieve faster and more efficient movements while effectively employing his pistol and I believe the course contributed to those skill sets very heavily for me. I genuinely look forward to the next course I can take with Aarin and Guerrilla Approach.

Next time you’re at the range with your buddies indulging in the usual marksmanship comfort drills, maybe consider getting your heart rate up a bit just to see where your skill set starts to come apart… If you ever have to use your weapon in real life it will probably not be in a vacuum.

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