This was a very fun shoot!
Shooting competitions are always a challenge and something you can participate in for a lifetime without ever truly mastering as tends to be the case with all martial arts. With that having been said, it’s always nice to mix things up a little bit and force yourself to perform outside of the confines of your usual training habits. To be honest, the contact I was wearing, the mask I had on and the plate carrier with legitimate HESCO. plates in it we’re all factors I had to you work with in order to get through the day. Overall I dealt with these various factors fairly well but I definitely noticed how they impacted my overall performance. The contacts negatively impact my vision, the mask forced me to consider my economy of oxygen while trying to push myself and the plate carrier slowed my movements, constricted my breathing and did all the fun things that many of us know play cares tend to do on your body. All and all it was a fantastic day of training, getting better and trying to destroy we could versions of myself.
I also had such a blast with my character “being black“ so you know I had to represent.

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