In this episode, I’m honored to be joined by Rick Sweeney who’s the president of the prestigious safety solutions company, SECFOR International. Rick has more than two decades of risk management experience in elevated threat areas. He provides risk & crisis management in multiple countries as prime or subcontractor. Currently, he’s serving clients in Syria, Mexico, Lebanon, Iraq, Haiti, Colombia and numerous other challenging locations.

Rick is also the Director of OTC International which provides humanitarian medical aid and education to in-need populations in conflict zones. Currently, he has launched the newest division, SECFOR 360, where he combines online theory with in-person hard skills training. Rick specializes in Executive Protection, Hostile Environment Training, Tactical Medical Certification, Security Operations, Risk Assessments, and a lot more.

Together, Rick and I are rolling out the EXECUTIVE PROTECTION HARD-SKILLS INTENSIVE. The Level III Hard Skills Training will be held at Tuscon, Arizona. This intensive 8-day/90-hour Executive Protection Hard-Skills course was will help you develop and get you certified in all foundational hard skills with regards to executive protection. You will receive a number of medical certificates, firearms, hand to hand combatives and driving certificates by the end of the course. This is the one course you can come to to get everything you need that employers are looking for in your training jacket with regards to hard skill competencies.

This course focuses on Protective Hard Skills but also includes the basic essentials for The executive protection industry. The course is designed and taught by working professionals in the protective industry and it’s curriculum was designed from lessons-learned over years of experience running details domestically & foreign other-than-permissive environments.

You will work day and night in this course and at 90 hours, we have packed more than 2 weeks of instruction into just over a week.
When: MAY 6th – 13th
Where: Tucson, AZ.

Click the link below to sign up or visit

I can’t wait to meet y’all!

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

00:55 – Check out my Micro Conversion Kit {MCK} (Vist
02:08 – Introduction
03:18 – About Rick
07:16 – About Byron
13:51 – Hard Skills vs Soft Skills
20:49 – Protective Detail
32:15 – Training Law Enforcement Agencies
40:52 – Surviving a roll inside of a vehicle
53:10 – Intense Training
01:04:57 – End Credits

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