⚜️This is your chance to experience driving training like you simply have never experienced it before and do acquire skills behind the wheel that simply are not available to the public anywhere else on the training circuit at an event like this.

– High Threat Protective Driving Package designed not only to teach you how to perform better than others on the road but this course will teach you how to fight and defend yourself with your vehicle if you need to make contact.

As a civilian, this course is something you can need on any given day and you probably will need it before you ever need your handgun.
As a professional Protector in law enforcement or on the private security side I don’t need to explain how valuable training like this truly is and also how absolutely rare. There are many options out there when it comes to your security Driving or Vehicle Dynamics but contact driving and learning to actually fight with your car is almost a once in a career training opportunity.

Rick Sweeney our training director at the League of Executive Protection Specialists is a training savant and one of the best I’ve ever studied under. With a background in the Navy, black water, French foreign Legion and other things, he’s a guy that you will learn quite a bit from. To this day he still running high risk details for elite clientele all over the world.

WHEN: September 16, 17 and 18
WHERE: Tuscon, Arizona

To register and purchase tickets, visit

Featured Experts at the Event:
⭕️ Kawa Mawlayee @kawa_m_official
⭕️ Raul @raul.martinez.jr
⭕️ Ed Calderon @edsmanifesto_
⭕️ Instructor Zero @instructorzero
⭕️ Craig “SAWMAN” Sawyer @real_sawman

🎫 Go to https://www.protectorsymposium.com/

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers 🙏👊🔥

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