⚜️ There has never been a better time to join the private security industry as an executive protection professional. So I have dedicated this episode to how to get started in the bodyguard/executive protection game.


EP Training Day is the first full-service online curriculum in the executive protection industry. Students retain access to the curriculum through their online learning platform indefinitely. I teach you everything I know about the art of executive protection that I’ve learned over the course of my 15-year career, operating in over 60 countries. 


You also get access to our members-only meetings and you’ll be connected to a band of professionals. This makes all the difference! Why being a member of an elite network is beneficial? You get ongoing mentorship for the rest of your forearms as well as access to a proven network of working professionals that will help you find opportunities to achieve career success.


To be successful though, the profession requires you to attend a solid executive protection school and acquire on-the-job training. Many positions offer above-average compensation compared to other industries.


I started out in 2008 making $85,000/year on a full-time travel detail. After benefits and per diem, it came to about six figures for a 21-year-old. I share that with you all to help you see that the $1k to $5k investment that most schools are charging, may seem like a lot, right now but it won’t for long!


⚡Start your EP career now at https://epspecialist.com



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