⚜️ There has never been a better time to join the private security industry as an executive protection professional. So I have dedicated this episode to how to get started in the bodyguard/executive protection game.


This episode revolves around an online meeting we had where we discussed what it takes to become a certified executive protection specialist and how to achieve success in the private security field. We cover what gets you hired and keeps you employed. We touch on updating your resume, enhancing your social media game, the importance of letters of recommendation, and much more. 


We cover our members-only meetings and the ongoing mentorship you will receive as well as the access to a proven network of working professionals that will help you find opportunities to achieve career success.


To be successful though, the profession requires you to attend a solid executive protection school and acquire on-the-job training. Many positions offer above-average compensation compared to other industries.


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I’m sure every professional protector will learn from this cast!


🤜🤛 Protector by nature and by trade / MAN OF PEACE / @Byron_Rodgers



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