⚜️ Here is a brief snapshot of what patrons of the league of executive protection specialists enjoy as we conduct ongoing training. I meet with the league at least two times per month so we can come together, strategize, learn and share in the success or work through the friction points anyone is experiencing out there in the field. These meetings always warm my heart and mean so much to me as these are the times that I really get to know the patrons of my course and we ensure as best we can that everyone is becoming successful.

When people purchase courses from me online they are not just going to get the training but they are going to get access to a group of people to contribute to their success and beyond that, we all get to do our careers together which truly makes all the difference. So many are out there trying to succeed on their own and I think it is tragic at times. I want all of you to know that there are so many new ways and tools to achieve your career goals in this industry. Your network truly is your net worth and why try to crack the code to success by yourself…? Finally, you can tap into assets I would’ve killed to have access to you when I was building like we’re both on the East Coast and the West Coast. We at the league all hope to train with and get to know you soon my friend!

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