We’re all dealt with cards to play this game, called “Life”. You can choose to fight against it, wallow around it, pray to get a different set of cards or you can fight! The quality of your life is going to be dependent on your ability to play the cards that you’ve been dealt with. You can compare your cards with someone else, but remember that the quality of your life will be dictated on the way you play your hand, with or without those cards.

My heart breaks for people who do not dare to play the cards they’ve been dealt with. No matter what path you pursue, you cannot get away from the duality of life, from the chaos and the order. The decisions in life are a lot more binary than you think, there may be some shades of gray but the truth is, you’re either working off faith or you’re working off of fear. So decide how you want to live your life?

Personally, I think it’s great that I’m kind and stupid, and I’ll tell you why. I take on things that some may call crazy and might say that I’ll die but you know what, it’ll be a pretty good way to die! My attitude has always been, let’s go die or get it done, and that my friends is the key. I can’t fight your fights but we’re indeed all fighting the same battles in one way or another.

It’s the battle of faith or the battle of fear.

So it all comes down to what energy is driving you in the decisions you’ve been making in your life. If you never develop the strength in overcoming your fear, you will invariably wake up one day only to find out that you’re living the things you fear!

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