⚜️Planning your work in advance is as important in the Executive Protection industry as in any other industry. It helps you to stay organized and mitigate any last-minute changes. And one of the easiest ways to stay on top of your game when it comes to managing your client is by creating and auditing itineraries. Just because you were given a location doesn’t mean it’s safe or that everyone knows what needs to be done when you and yours show up there. You’ve got to do the advance work to make sure things run smoothly otherwise you’re setting yourself up for snags in the flow or worse.

Some clients want you to share your plan or itinerary with them prior to the movements, some like you to pull everything out of the hat but either way you need to be prepared as the guy on the ground. When things go wrong whether they are security related or not it will ultimately be your fault because it will be your face they see standing there when the ball hits the ground. So stay ahead of the game and make the ride as smooth as possible.

These little things help to run things around nice and smooth. And makes you a valuable asset to your principals.

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