Here we are with the next episode on the “Innocent Armor Series”, and I’m joined with my man, Daniel Frazier. In this section, we’re testing the Innocent Armor gear with a .44 Super Magnum with a 12-inch Barrel which is about as much as 3A is supposed to be able to take.

We fired shots with 40 and 45 calibers and were pleased to find out that there were no penetrations of the bullets at all. We then tried with the .44 super magnum, and we noticed that there’s definitely some bulging but no penetration. That was definitely interesting to watch!

The Armor actually held up which was truly impressive. Innocent Armor is exactly what they claim to be. I’m honored to work with these guys and to provide this review of such a solid product.

I will be using it on my teams in with my clients. God bless and Semper Fi

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