This is the second video from the “Innocent Armor” series, and in this video, I and my buddy Luke tested out some of their products. Innocent Armor is a company that I have proudly partnered with, they produce civilian-centric gear that looks normal but has the added benefit of security.

1. Innocent Armor backpack

The pieces of equipment that we used for shooting in this video:

Byron’s Gear: Federal premium law enforcement hydra shock yes 9 mm Luger 124 grain JHP. The other ammo is ball 115 grain

Luke’s Gear: Hornady critical duty 9mm Luger 135gr flexLock

After trying our hands with a few common self-defense rounds, we were very impressed to find out the amount of abuse the armor plate inside the bag withheld without a single penetration from the bullets!

Then, we tried our hands with the PWS rifle – and it sure did break through the armor plate. However, I would still put my money on this product, as the plate says 3A and totally lives up to that!

2. Bullet Resistant Men’s Polo Jacket
This also has a 3A Armor plate with multiple panels in it. When I tried this piece on, I didn’t feel like my mobility is limited. I also tried some practice rounds with my gun, and I didn’t feel like it’s holding me back. Can I fight while wearing this? Absolutely.

So overall, I give Innocent Armor a thumbs up! They are everything they claim to be and more!

Standby for the next chapter where we kick it up a few notches and run many other pistol calibers including 44 Magnum on Innocent Armor… we’ll see what happens next week.

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– Byron

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