This episode was a clinic. I learned quite a bit just sitting there listening to the information structure. We speak about the humanity of a protector, the reality that many don’t want to admit and avoid while pretending to be a little more tactical than is even realistic sometimes. We spoke about ways to become better, hard skills, soft skills and we focused on vehicle Combatives/Glen fighting around cars because that is his subject at the Protector Symposium 5.0. This episode is one of the most intense episodes I’ve done in a long time because his depth of understanding of this subject matter and firearms is so deep. It was really valuable to listen as an instructor myself as Zero painted a picture and gave solid instruction on many topics.


What I love about instructor Zero is his heart from what I can see during my interactions with them. He’s extremely passionate, always over-delivers, really cares, and he‘s old-school. So, his code is based on honor. He is an accomplished academic with a background as a professor. An accomplished instructor, teaching elite fighting forces internationally throughout the year. And he is most of all, a genuine person and to me that means everything. We are honored to have him at the Protector Symposium coming up. Don’t miss this, it is genuinely the training event opportunity of a lifetime!


⭕ ABOUT Instructor Zero @instructorzero

The infamous instructor is flying over the pond to join and train us during this live event. He’s been operational and instructing for well over a decade on many continents, teaching many of the world’s fighting forces the skills they need to be effective out in the field.


As we know most violent encounters happen while we are in transitional spaces moving from a safe location such as our home or office building to another safe location such as a vehicle in many cases. This course will equip our patrons with the skills necessary to have a notable tactical advantage during a gunfight in these types of environments.


Instructor Zero podcast

01:58 – Introduction

10:30 – Highlights of my career

29:30 – Executive Protection Relationships

33:00 – Gunfight and Instructor rules

38:20 – Instructor training tactics

44:00 – the industry problems

48:00 – shooting range environments

57:05 – about the Protector Symposium

1:04:32 – Vehicles

1:17:56 – tactical protection review

1:37:50 – Closing


Other Featured Experts at the Event:

⭕ Raul @raul.martinez.jr

⭕ Ed Calderon @edsmanifesto_

⭕ Instructor Zero @instructorzero

⭕ Craig “SAWMAN” Sawyer @real_sawman

⭕ Kawa Mawlayee @kawa_m_official


?Go to https://www.protectorsymposium.com/


A huge shoutout to our Sponsors for this event:

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Protector by nature and by trade

Byron Rodgers ?????


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