⚜️ Joining me for this podcast is Will Geddes @therealwillgeddes CEO of International Corporate Protection Group and TacticsON. He is one of the world’s most in-demand security specialists and we discuss international kidnapping, ransom handling, and close protection!



With over 25 years of experience in the Specialist Security sector, Will has consulted clients across the world on risk and threat-related matters, personally operating within countries across the world.


Leading his team of former Special Military Forces, Government, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence Agency professionals, dealing with extortions and blackmails to high-risk protection projects, counter-terrorism, intelligence gathering to multi-jurisdictional investigations, and pursuits of complex frauds. 


A regular speaker at international conferences, also a media commentator on security and terrorism incidents, featured on BBC Breakfast,  Good Morning Britain, SKY News, CNN, ITN, Channel 4 News, The Times Newspaper, The Telegraph, New York Times, Russia Today, Economist, Radio 4 Today, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, to name a few.


Will is also a writer and contributor to the media and security industry publications. His first book, the best-selling 📚 Parent Alert: How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online https://amzn.co.uk/dp/146547725X was published in 2019.


💻 Personal Site: https://willgeddes.com

💻 Company Site: https://icpgroupcompanies.com

💻 Company Site: https://www.tacticson.com

💻 LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/will-geddes-28b95a1


I’m sure every professional protector will learn from this discussion! 


Podcast Show Notes

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:03:32 - Who is Will Geddes at his core
00:12:41 - Will’s background
00:23:56 - Advice for those who want to get into EP
00:32:57 - Differences in EP around the world
00:40:35 - Hostage negotiation techniques
00:59:22 - The most fatal mistake an EP can ever make
01:08:20 - Closing questions


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Protector by nature and by trade


🎥 Video editing by @art_production07

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