⚜️ In this episode, we have Instructor Lovie founder of Lovie Combat Tactics @instructorlovie. This is an in-depth and honest discussion of the unfortunate events that are unfolding in Israel from an American/Israeli perspective. Pray for humanity!


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“I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA! I was raised in Ohio up to the age of seven in a very Christian Zionist house that has a huge heart for Israel and the Jewish nation. My dad is Jewish and he decided that we’re giving up on everything and moving to the Holy Land. 


When I came here I was exposed to soldiers walking around freely with their weapons, and it caught my eye. My older brothers also served in combat units and used to come home with their guns and tell us Army stories. I was hooked and knew I wanted to have a job serving in the IDF as a shooting instructor.  


When I finished the army a gun company contacted me and offered me to work for them as a gun model. Soon other gun companies also wanted to work with me and loved that my mother tongue is English.


A Zionist to me is not just living in Israel, it’s knowing and living the history of this land. It’s taking part in the holidays and the Sabbath, really understanding these people and what they’ve gone through and what we go through. Being a part of one big family and serving this country! I’ve learned a lot living here for almost 22 years. There’s so much about this land that is worth staying and fighting for.”


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