As most of America already know there was a violent attack at a church in Texas the other day. A gentleman stood up and ended the assault swiftly and brought instant on-screen accountability. I’m being vague about this specific situation because I believe what we’re really truly seeing is becoming a trend in American culture. As a result of this trend, first and foremost I want to express my deepest condolences to all who’s been affected by this trend over the past for 3 to 4 years when we’ve seen such an uptake in these active human threats killer scenarios.

I eliminate this specific incident that happened recently in Texas because it is quite an example of what one good man can do to bring instant on-scene accountability. I hope that this situation brings the American public more understanding of what it truly takes to deal with evil. If evil didn’t exist this would not have happened, and if evil didn’t exist the requirement of good men who are good and violent also would not exist but it does and this is the world that we live in.

We now, and we have since the beginning of time lived in a world that requires good men and strong women to understand how to protect themselves, their families, their loved ones and in many of our vocations, our clients and people who depend on us and pay us to protect them. It is no longer good enough just simply to be a good person. It is no longer just acceptable to be nice, NOW you must know how to protect your loved ones and it is your responsibility to begin learning how to protect your loved ones. It’s something that with situations like this on the rise in places that are supposed to be sacred, nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing is beyond the reach of evil anymore.

You cannot run into the sanctuary and have a peaceful time anymore. Now, more than almost any other time that I’ve been aware of since I’ve been alive, it is more of a requirement to think ahead of how you can protect yourself and your loved ones and in my opinion that is prudence, that is wisdom and that forethought. As good people now, we must be willing, we must be capable and we must be prepared to do what is necessary to stop evil when it rears its ugly head and any belief structure ideology even if we acknowledge that, is grounded in an unreality that has now become so dangerous that it is costing people’s lives.

I send this message out to commend Jack, the man who made that shot in the sanctuary the other day to send him my support, to send him our support, our love for doing what needed to be done and for doing what he was able to do to stop that evil from prevailing in that environment what you’re seeing is the reality that the individual was best at balance, tensed to dominate the atmosphere once a violent encounter erupts and therefore this message is a call to good people to start learning and understanding how to be willing and capable and be prepared to deal when it rears its ugly head because it has, can and will happen again so we must be good stewards in the meantime.

NOONE is above this dynamic, no one is above it. There are just those who learn how to deal with it or those who hide from this problem until it finds them. My name is Byron Rodgers and I will be doing everything I can to produce content, products and live events to help the demographics in this world that is chosen to protect the people and things they love from evil. I’ll be doing everything I can to help you all sharpen your edge and be willing and capable and prepared for anything that could happen and will happen in the future until then I wanna encourage all of you out there to be peaceful but not harmless.

Once again, this is Byron Rodgers

PROTECTOR by nature and by trade

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