My time with Jared Reston was worth so much more than the price of admission. It was one of those courses you walk away from, that makes you feel like it’s the type of thing you should be doing almost weekly. The biggest takeaway I got from my training with Jared was simply how to bring it all together in order to shoot better. Some courses I did are like walking away with one or two golden nuggets but with this course, I feel like I walked away with a total package that if I’m diligent enough to implement, will definitely help me perform better as a shooter and gunfighter.

It’s quite an honor to go and learn from a man like Jared who’s been a SWAT officer and has survived and even thrived after the gun battles that he’s been in… what can you say, at the end of the day, in my opinion, is that experience trumps theory and so instructors like him to me are living legends and we must do everything we can to learn from them during their time of teaching.

Jared is also a fantastic instructor and gave everyone in the class more than enough attention and criticism to help them improve. Beyond all of those things, he’s got a sense of humor like a college athlete and he’s the type of man that has a special gift that helps everyone feel comfortable enough in the class to absorb everything very easily. I’ve been wanting to take a course with him for quite some time now so this was a fantastic check in the box and as I said before it was everything I thought it would be plus a whole lot more that I didn’t even know I needed to improve on. LOL

Be sure to catch Jared’s module at the upcoming protector symposium 2.0 Global Summit. To be honest with you, it is a period of instruction that every single first responder on the planet should listen to. Beyond that, to be explicitly honest with you I believe everyone should hear about his experience, how he overcame being shot seven times including taking a shot to the face with a 45 caliber pistol, how he won that firefight and then how what he has learned can help you do the same. You never know when you’re going to be faced with the most important, dynamic, and kinetic situations you’ll be faced with during this life. I hope to train with you soon either at one of Jared’s courses or at the protector symposium.

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