Jeff Takeda is bringing some things back that have always been a part of many different warrior cultures. He is one of our master class instructors at the League of Executive Protection Specialists and his module is pretty amazing. Check more on that here:

I believe it’s a discipline that we have unfortunately overlooked and forgotten these days but it can bring us all considerable strength. For the warrior, it’s even more important however to stay grounded mentally emotionally, and spiritually. I believe it is unfortunate that mindfulness and meditation have gotten such a bad rep in some circles or that it is believed that these things are strictly a religious phenomenon.

The reality however is simply that these disciplines are a way of strengthening yourself internally and psychologically. All major religions talk about this discipline because it is something the human being needs from time to time. The art of quieting the mind is so good for us and even better for those of us who must perform at high levels under extreme and stressful, circumstances. This will not just help you in the heat of battle but this will also help you with the fight some of us have to find after the battle.

There really is something for everyone in this episode and if you want a period of instruction from Jeff on this topic then do join us for the master class membership.

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