Joe LaSorsa is a name I’ve heard over the course of my entire executive protection career. This company and the men who have run it have been impacting our industry for decades.

In this interview, I’m honored to speak with Joe LaSorsa 2.0 who has done some pretty amazing things with the company and made some truly fantastic contributions to our industry. He was one of our honored guests at The EP FORUM 2021 and he’s also an EP Master instructor at my school, The League of Executive Protection Specialists. He runs his own school as well as the executive protection operations and is well respected in both arenas.

We delve into the conversation about getting to know him and his company a little better and how it all started. It was great to know his thoughts on how the EP industry has evolved with time with the younger generation coming up and how the social dynamics have played a role. He also reveals his tactical background during the course of this conversation and how he effectively runs the business to this date managing executive protection as well as private investigations. Later in the episode, Joe also sheds light on the biggest issues that he faces in the industry.

It was incredible to have him on the show. He’s doing some amazing work for sure and it’s good to learn from him. There’s something for everyone in this podcast so plug in those earbuds and listen in!

Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

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01:00 – Introduction
02:51 – How it all started?
08:52 – Old generation EP
16:37 – Tactical Background
22:50 – Managing Business
35:54 – Fighting your own way
41:18 – Biggest issue in the industry
54:22 – A habit for a lifetime

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