???BOOM! In this podcast, I have as my guest Joshua Reeve and Ryan Tindall of Empire Protection based in the great down under, Australia. We discuss how the private protection industry is progressing in Australia, how licensing and certifications work, and much more.


Empire Protection Pty Ltd @empire.protection was founded in 2013 to become an executive provider of elite security and protection services. In an unpredictable world environment, with increasing domestic crime statistics and an elevated threat of terrorism, the 21st century has brought with it a demand for a new class of security, protection, and risk mitigation service provision. 


Joshua Reeve

Josh is a protection and security specialist with over 15 years of experience in private security and law enforcement. He specializes in personal protection, security event planning, crisis management, and risk management. Throughout his career, he has been an active member of specialist groups within state and federal agencies and has worked privately with some of the world’s highest-profile identities.


He founded Empire Protection in 2013, and now utilizes his extensive skills to enhance the capabilities of his carefully selected team.


Ryan Tindall

Before becoming a partner in Empire Protection, Ryan spent 13 years in the Australian Army Special Forces, where he undertook numerous active duty tours around the world. Having been recognized for his elite skills and expertise, he was rewarded with a Non-Commissioned Officer (5 years) position, delivering the world’s most elite-level tactical training at the Special Forces Training School.


He specializes in designing and delivering training, tactical planning, and operational deployment.


Podcast Show Notes


00:00 – Introduction

01:00 – Josh and Ryan´s background

11:46 – Clients´protection 

19:17 – Advice for people in the EP industry

29:44 – EP in Australia

44:05 – Standards & licensing of an agent in Australia

01:10 – Where is the industry heading?

01:15 – Closing question


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