During this interview, Kawa and I talk about a number of relevant issues in law enforcement today. We then dig into what it takes to be a lone Protector. The reality is there’s a very high probability that if you have to react or act in a violent or protection scenario, you’re going to be by yourself. That is exactly why I selected Kawa and this curriculum for the Protector Symposium.

CQB training is extremely difficult to come by as a civilian and a one-man CQB course is even rarer, especially by a legit instructor. This upcoming Protector Symposium will be the training event of a lifetime so don’t miss it and in this episode, we dig in, and assess modern tactical scenarios and many other things… whether you are a professional Protector or Civilian, listen to this because it’s for us all ENJOY!

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Whether you carry a pistol concealed as a civilian or you are a professional Protector in law-enforcement or private security, the ability to move through a structure with a pistol in an effort to save human life is something very few of us have training on but is extremely relevant to being armed in today’s urban environments.

Kawa has a tremendous background as a Special Forces operator training with Tier 1 and Tier 2 professionals at the tip of the spear for years. If you’re thinking about how you can protect your home or trying to best understand how you may need to move within a high-threat scenario out in public, this module is extremely valuable for all!

Other Featured Experts at the Event:
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⭕️ Craig “SAWMAN” Sawyer @real_sawman
⭕️ Kawa Mawlayee @kawa_m_official

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