⚜️Many of you who follow me already know that I use the CZ P 10 as my carry gun, and my experience so far has been amazing. CZ P10 was that it shoots pretty flat. It has a nice 45 degrees grip angle which really works for me ergonomically.

And since, I’ve been using it for a very long time, I decided to give it an upgrade with Killer Innovations (https://killer-innovations.com/). And I gotta say that I’ve been able to upgrade my firearm’s performance and precision to a greater extent after the uplift.

⭕ CZ P10 C
⭕ Slide, Trigger and Compensator by @killerinnovations
⭕ Grip work by Juliet Tango Customs @juliet.tango.customs
⭕ Holster @mckinatecholsters

Big thanks to Fabio Spinella of @myowndefender for putting this together for me.

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