⚜️Slaying giants isn’t something you are able to do without first slaying weaker versions of yourself. Everyone sees the victories and wants the prizes but the reason only a few of us ever attain those things is that they are hidden at the other side of the journey of self-mastery.

The journey straight through the self you love by the grace of God. We look in the mirror as we work and hopefully one day we see something we can appreciate but that’s always only ever the beginning. If we want to be able to slay giants, kill dragons, obliterate goals and reach our destiny… We must first learn to face ourselves, be good stewards with ourselves and be faithful with what we have.

If we do these things then maybe we can get there by God’s grace but never forget that you will never become strong enough to face the Giants until you learn how to use the organic weapons you’ve been given like your slingshot. Do not despise small beginnings, be a good steward and get to work. Hopefully, one day when you are called upon to do what it is you were sent here to do you/we will be ready.

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