⚜️ Here’s a situation where the police officer was ambushed with a knife but fortunately he survived the attack and was able to defend himself. Watch the video till the end to know what exactly happened and how you can deal with situations like these.

Let’s roll up to the ABCs of protection, the context being the first entity you need to understand. If you’re responding to someone in distress, you don’t really know the reason behind it, and no matter who the person is, you need to stay alert and maintain a level of distance unless you have all the information about the situation.

Pretending to be a victim in order to attack someone is a tool that humans that are less physically potent have a tendency to use. In this situation, the woman in question hides her weapon behind her. In situations like these, you must always pay attention to the hands of the person in front of you. Have a plan in mind before taking any action in such circumstances.

Learn the skills to protect yourself and let’s make this world a safer place by making good people more dangerous!
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