This video has been doing the rounds lately where a police officer who needs to arrest somebody accidentally shoots him. Personally, make no mistake I am a pro-law enforcement guy and have many friends that do the job. I have noticed that this video and event suggest some things we need to do to improve the training and the training opportunities are men and women in blue are receiving.

I know the value of our police officers and how they stand between us and utter chaos. Having said that, In my opinion, this shouldn’t have ever happened. Of course, there’s a probability for mistakes when making as many arrests and contacts as they do annually but the only way to avoid things like this or minimize them is to stay intimate with your tool kit and that means more training and more funding.

This event was tragic however, make no mistake there are thousands of men and women out there protecting us as we speak and working genuinely with staff are we have life from descending into chaos. We should support them, appreciate them and empower them when we can.

I offer my condolences and deepest sentiments to everyone involved, many lives were shattered as a result of this incident on both sides of the blue line, unfortunately.

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