If you’re going to do anything great you will seriously need your brothers and sisters. You simply are vulnerable to a pack if you’re just one man. You simply can’t get enough done in a day by yourself to really have the impact that the greatness inside of you deserves. One of the highest leveraging activities for us all to learn is the art of organizing, motivating and influencing groups of humans. In my experience if you want people to genuinely follow you, you must serve them. The man who holds the most influence in the room is not always the guy with the position of leadership but usually it’s the man who creates the most win-win situations for everyone involved.

Once people realize you’re fighting for them and in fighting for them you’re also representing yourself because your destinies are intertwined then it all comes together. It’s truly sad to me that some leaders need a stick to lead and the reason for that in my opinion ultimately has to do with their heart. Humans genuinely follow other humans who are genuine with them. Give respect to get respect. Serve and be served, etc. The health of your team is nothing but a progress report of your leadership. Hence the saying attitude reflects leadership. But make no mistake, even if you don’t have the leadership position you must still lead from your position. Leadership from the ground up is integral to success and never take for granted the reality that EVERY ONE ON THE TEAM IS A LEADER. A good leader‘s primary mission is to make more leaders.

If you wish to be impactful, learn how to lead. If you want to be a good leader, learn how to follow. If you want the hearts of your subordinates then always endeavor to serve them. If you seek influence then create something that gives everyone a piece of the pie they can be excited about. Ultimately if you can get everyone on your team to strive at being that one man who makes all the difference then your pack will be an unstoppable force.
“E Pluribus Unum” “Out of many ones”
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