⚜️When you’re working with a team, there’s always going to be someone who might mess up, or make a mistake. How you deal with such situations defines how good a leader you are. If you fail to make the person realize where they went wrong, and take responsibility for it, there’s no point even discussing the matter. If you’ve got to bring it up, make sure it is effective.

And the same thing goes for you as well. If you end up making a mistake in your team, rather than hammering yourself, own your mistake with responsibility and learn from it. It’s actually very important that we learn from the mistakes that we make, it does not just help us to grow, but it also ensures that we do not end up making the same mistake twice.

Make yourself able to look a mistake into the eyes. A person who runs away from ownership is weak. And we need to kill these weaker versions of us every single day, that’s how we progress as protectors, as people.

Do not find a way to get out of stuff, find a way to own them!

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