Learn to protect your time and work in silence. Your time is your most valuable asset, it is God’s currency. No one knows where it comes from and no one knows how to get any more of it. The only thing you can do to affect your time in terms of increasing the value of it, enjoyment of it or even helping yourself last a little longer so you can get more of it is to make the right decisions in the present. The past is for information, not identification, you are not your past. However you are what you have learned from your past because what you’ve learned from it is what will cause you to make the types of decisions you will make today. You are in the present and that’s all you will ever truly be able to affect and so you must bring the wisdom from the past into your decisions in the present in order to effectively create a future you truly desire. Life is about super imposing your will on the present moment in order to create the future that is in alignment with your potential and destiny. This is what being a good steward with what you’ve been given in this miracle of a planet and miracle of a body and miracle of a mind is truly all about.

People who are less conscious and less aware which is the majority of people on this planet will try to take up your time with insignificant minutia. This is simply because they are not aware of themselves, their potential, their purpose and therefore they live for simple emotional pleasure. These pleasures usually come from talking about things that make them feel better but don’t actually get them any closer to anything meaningful or purposeful because they don’t have those things in their lives. Don’t let them steal gods currency from you, you must protect your time and protect your purpose because you’re very life and destiny depend on it. Move in silence, protect your time, protect your purpose and protect your life.
PROTECTOR by nature and by trade
-Byron .

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