Learn to use what you’ve got and be a good steward. Only after you learn how to leverage what’s been given to you will you be given more. “To him who has more will be given and to him who doesn’t have, even that what he has will be taken from him.” This is a hard teaching that makes perfect sense if you look deeper than its surface.
I’ve never been the strongest, the fastest, and definitely not the smartest but I’ve been dedicated to doing the best I can with what I’ve been given. When you live this way you will notice slowly but surely that you will pass all of the people who were given much more than you but failed to apply themselves. It will look like you’ve come so far and done so much but the truth is simply that you’ve just been fighting and willing to fail.
Skill always eventually beats talent when talent fails to put in the work. Talent you are given but Skillen comes from repetition and familiarity with your craft. 
Never make the same mistake twice. Never be afraid to put yourself out there because that’s where you find out what you’re made of. 
If it comes easy it goes easy and the things you earn can never truly be taken away from you because you know how to get them again if you need to. 
The sooner you start, the sooner you finish so get after it.
Face yourself, fight yourself, scrutinize yourself, discipline yourself and in all of these ways you will be loving yourself… While creating a self that you can genuinely respect and love.
One mind many weapons

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