I was making a certain mistake when I was trying to conduct reloads and a good friend of mine Chris Skahill decided to kick me down some knowledge on the game that could make me a better shooter. I’m always willing to take advice from people in general because I believe that you can learn something from anyone and no matter what there is something you can apply from what they are teaching you most definitely. In the end I Bruce Lee everything that comes across my desk which simply means that I “absorb what is useful, disregard what is useless and add what is essentially my own.” I believe doing that is the responsibility of every intelligent adult walking the face of this earth that is accepting advice from anyone else. However in this circumstance, Chris is a better shooter than me on many levels and so it is easy to take his advice.
As you’ll see in the video, my first attempt to reload does not go so smoothly. What I did wrong was to initiate my reload and press the button to drop my magazine while my weapon was canted in a direction that was actually causing the magazine to stick inside the magazine weld and not fall out smoothly. The whole entire movement is simple physics but something you may not notice if you’re not paying close attention.
One of the keys to conducting a smooth reload and what Chris explained to me is that, you should aim to initiate the magazine change when your weapon’s magazine weld is as vertical as possible so that the magazine can simply drop straight out. In essence the aim is to use gravity as much as possible to get rid of the empty magazine. Many of us have almost instinctive movements that we take in order to handle reloads and weapon malfunctions but one thing to keep in mind is that when you initiate your magazine change be sure not to do it too late in the game when you’re weapon is oriented in a direction that can cause the magazine to get caught on its way out within the grip of your pistol.
It sounds very simple and it is but it was also giving me trouble so I thought I’d pass this info along to help any viewers out there that may also be experiencing sticky magazine changes on the pistol range.

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