This is a quick review of the Libre Knife Fighting System. I was here for just one day, to understand some of the most basic and foundational principles of it, and it was definitely a positive experience for me. I’m focussing on more of a full-spectrum warrior so that I can be better at protection. I’m primarily a firearms guy but I also have a knife that I carry around with me every single day, but since I want to learn more I’m digging into these edge work specialists. You can also check out one of the previous podcast episodes with Tom Kier titled, “Better Weapon Better Position”.

The goal, in my opinion, is to be efficient in protection combat – From Zero to Hero. Knife fighting is an edged weapon work. You can get edge weapons into places where you can’t get firearms, so it’s another weapon option for us to take to places where we cannot carry firearms. Scott’s content was great and one thing that I noticed was that he was down-to-earth. It’s an honor to train with a guy who has humility and has chosen to contribute the world with his skills. I thought the knife fighting training would be more intuitive but what I found inevitable as we started moving through the different techniques and tactics that you need to actually practice these combinations.

In the end, I had the pleasure of recording a short interview with Scott. He talks about who he is, what Libre Knife Fighting System actually does. He goes onto revealing that his company has trained military, law enforcement, security professionals all over the world. Everything they teach is geared around how combat unfolds in an actual scenario when someone’s at your face and how to get yourself out of that situation.

In the one day training, we started with the eye attack to learn to give the attacker a defensive posture, use of folding knives, along with the required soft skills. Thus, I think understanding all of these tactics is very important for a security professional executive like myself. It’s a skill that takes finesse, it’s perishable, you need to learn it, and drill at it to be perfect at it!

Keep your skills up and let them evolve.

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