You must live the life of a protector, The title simply is not enough. Your enemy is outside on the street corners living daily a life that trains them to be more and more sophisticated at evil. You must live a life that makes you a superior Protector. That will not happen because you went to some training event, some cool course or got a certificate. If you really want to be a true protector who’s capable of fighting off and killing the wolf you must Live the lifestyle of a true protector which means you must have habits, rituals and commitments that are in alignment with being more capable and cunning than your enemy.

Your enemy may do some training but more than likely he is probably just emerged in the world of evil. OJT is how he hones his skills and elevates his craft. This is a quality consideration because we know that first hand experience is probably the best teacher.

As warriors of the light we must place ourselves in various Crucible‘s on an almost daily basis in order to maintain our own craft on many levels. The rituals I speak of are not just physical but they are mental, emotional and spiritual as well. This is because Combat will test every part of your being. Make no mistake, training is good but attending a training course does not mean that you are efficient on a level that would empower you to perform in life-threatening conditions. Only habits that move you from conscious incompetence to unconscious competence can help you attain that level of efficacy. Do the work, live the life of a protector. If you can do these things there’s even a chance you may still find glory in death, fighting the good fight and standing on the line between good and evil protecting.

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