⚜️I’m a strong believer in the alchemy of the mind and I know that if we learn to transmute our brain to turn fear into fuel, we can become unstoppable. If you live every single day of your life believing that death is coming, you can actually live your life to the fullest. If you do the things that you fear today, you will become more powerful tomorrow for sure.

We’ve all faced our fears sometime or the other in our lives, and lived through them. Learn to use those experiences as software that guides you to face your fears today. Remember, the ultimate sacrifice in life is to die the life of a warrior. If your death is without a purpose, your life has no glory. Find your purpose by the grace of God and be a better version of yourself with each passing day.

Live life by drawing power from the reality of death constantly because it is inevitable and we must make the most of every minute that we have NOW.

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