Most people around you are weak… Hopefully, you’re not but more than likely that is the situation. The most damaging epidemic we are experiencing on this planet is truly the absence of strong healthy people. The values on our planet are being deliberately shifted end it is almost impossible to be mentally and emotionally strong if you have no values or your values are weak…

“Do as you want” is the mantra of those who value themselves over everything… this is the seed of the weakest mentality one can come from but it is the direction the world is going.

When I say you must be strong, I mean it because our world and who knows what else truly depends on it. Righteousness, stability, love and light are maintained by many miracles that manifest themselves in the shapes and forms of formidable good people. As we failed to become our best, hide from hard work and run from the challenges placed in front of us to help us to achieve our personal evolution. The light inside us grows dimmer and so does the light on this planet which is all that humanity actually has to help guide him home by the grace of God.

Make no mistake we can ascend into strength, beauty and order together or we can easily descend into the chaos and darkness found in the pages of some of the darkest ages of our existence. The reality simply is the outcome of this battle will depend on how many intelligent, healthy, strong and formidable good people are on this planet for the light to work with.

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