A while ago, I got to spend some time at the Low Signature Resource Center, and in this video, I talk all about my experience there. This is the best training solution for becoming acquainted with and ultimately competent with CQB I’ve seen so far. You don’t just go here to do force on force but you go here to get in the shoot house just like the professionals deal and practice.

Of course you get to the force on force part but the training is fantastic and they have the facility to you really help you learn. Everything is driven by airsoft which is actually perfect for getting the maximum amount of repetitions in and really becoming good at the techniques.

They sell packages that put you on a trajectory of training that I actually can move you from zero to hero in a very responsible amount of times/sessions. These guys are doing something big in the tactical industry and I look forward to training with them quite a bit more.

Check them out here

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