Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is a US Army Ranger, a paratrooper, and a former West Point Psychology Professor. He has a Black Belt in Hojutsu, the martial art of the firearm, and has been inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Col. Grossman’s research was cited by the President of the United States in a national address, and he has testified before the U.S. Senate, the U.S. Congress, and numerous state legislatures. He has served as an expert witness and consultant in state and Federal courts. He helped train mental health professionals after the Jonesboro school massacre, and he was also involved in counseling or court cases in the aftermath of the Paducah, Springfield, Littleton and Nickel Mines Amish school massacres.

We are so honored to work with Col. Grossman because he is a multi-dimensional warrior in many ways. His seminal, groundbreaking, and industry-changing books on combat and killing simply revolutionized the space when they were published. He has been one man who has forever changed the way we look at the act of killing and heavily impacted our understanding of what our beings go through during active combat. Beyond all of these things, he has also written books in many different related spaces on topics such as violent video games and raising a generation to kill and also spiritual warfare. He has truly cemented the idea of being a sheepdog and a protector of the flock into the cultures of our world today. As our mission is to make the world a safer place by helping good people become more dangerous, it is a genuine honor and privilege to align with a man who has made such monumental contributions in the exact same mission for many decades now.

In this episode we cover many different strategies for protection ranging from soft skills to martial arts and firearms. I find it interesting that both of us love the hard skills but cannot stress enough the importance of various soft skills to truly be the skill sets that actually keep people safe most of the time. There is something in this interview for everyone… Enjoy!

Protector by nature and by trade

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01:03 – Introduction
05:29 – The resistance of killing
12:12 – Preventable loss of life
18:17 – Interpersonal human aggression
25:49 – When you turn your back, that’s when the wolf strikes!
31:55 – One of my most powerful weapon
40:14 – The best gift you will ever give yourself
46:33 – Parasympathetic nervous system
53:08 – A wild story
59:34 – Treating PTSD
01:02:51 – The bulletproof mind
01:10:05 – What the world tells you
01:15:31 – Tapping into God’s power
01:15:43 – Iron sharpens iron
01:16:24 – End Credits

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