⚜️ This video really brings so many different projects we worked on over the last few years together and it’s an amazing trip down memory lane… It’s a beautiful life if you get after it.


In the end, I just hope that through my life people can see what one imperfect man can do if he sacrifices, I am perfection on the altar of progress every day while choosing to live by God’s grace. I’ll fight as hard as I can, but my heavenly father usually gives me victory, and I hope my life expresses all of that.


A special thank you to my video editor and good friend Artyom @artyom0726 for creating this super cool video about all the fun things we’ve done and the different projects we’ve made. Much love and respect 🫡 🙏. You’ve been an invaluable teammate on this journey brother.


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Protector by nature and by trade




🎥 Video editing by @art_production07


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