What is happening to all of our man stuff?

What’s happening right now in masculine American culture is pathetic.

It’s absolutely mortifying to me the spineless and honor less nature of the males being worshiped and deified in the media. If you watch television shows about the American family you see rebellious children, an intelligent beautiful competent wife/mother and a deadbeat, childish, dad-bod having dude as a husband/father.

I’m still genuinely vexed at the spectacle of what is considered masculine, strong and exemplary these days. In all reality a man one the woman of the year award last year in 2016… I’m still blown away. Do you mean to tell me that out of all the female scientists, veterans, doctors, inventors and CEOs in the world, some guy who got a sex change is the best the females have? The answer is quite obviously NO!

There’s a war going on for the image, standards and integrity of masculinity in America right now and as gender lines get blurrier and blurrier, it is never been more important for American men to remember what we are made of. Men and women are both amazing, powerful beings who are different just like fire and water, just like day and night, just like light in darkness, just like hot and cold. Almost any and every significant element of our reality has an inverse polar opposite that it needs in order to create the type of polarity necessary to support human life.

Men, please remember that we speak a language of respect and honor. Please remember that we value high standards in every area of life. Please remember that we value conquest and difficulty in order to test ourselves up against it . Please remember gentleman that we thrive most in an environment of mutual respect. We are in this together guys. Check out the video about Man stuff on this page!