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You don’t just get to become a man by default or time in service. In today’s society there is a growing gap and disparity between men and males. Most of the adult males you see walking around or not actual man. This is partly the fault of a society that holds feminine primacy and fem-centric value is higher than masculine values but it’s also the fault of men for allowing things to get that way. What we need is harmony and balance in the same way that day complements night and vice versa. The reality of life is that you can’t change what you can’t take responsibility for so as men we must take responsibility for our own masculine development and contributions otherwise; choose to remain Betas and live out life in awkward pathetic state of powerlessness. America has been focused on building a better beta for the last 50 years and we are seeing it fail our society miserably so it’s time for us to begin taking back our ground one man at a time.
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