Here’s my genuine review of “Maps of Meaning”, a book authored by Jordan Peterson. This guy is literally the interpreter of your subconscious. I’m an avid audiobook listener, and yet this book almost took me half a year. The Information so deep multi-layered and chewy that you may find that taking smaller bits of it makes sense for better observation and understanding.

It is truly spectacular to have someone go into your world and give meaning to the way you naturally see things. This book is for those who are disciplined, intellectually stimulated and are elite learners. It is like a graduate-level textbook and comes across as a “life’s work” from the author. Personally, in a lot of ways, I do connect deeply with Jordan Peterson, so it makes this book all the more special for me.

If you’re someone who is stimulated by high standards of learning, this book is for you! We’re blessed this book is out in this world, read it if you dare.

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